School districts with membership in the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation are invited to encourage their teachers, counselors, and administration to submit proposals for funding under one of four grant programs provided.

The four current grant programs are made possible by contributions from local businesses that have a strong commitment to local education and to the mission of the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation. Without the support of these businesses, these grants would not be possible.  BVEF's grant process opens in the spring and the grants are awarded the following school year.


I.  Lampin Grants

Lampin Corporation, located in Uxbridge, is a 100% employee owned company that engineers and produces precision-machined components included spur gears and mechanical assemblies.  Lampin employee owners have a strong commitment to the local community.  Visit for more information.

Grant Requirements

  • Lampin grants will be awarded to substantial and innovative programs which connect schools and communities.
  • Schools must be publically funded.

Award Amounts: up to $2,000

To apply, please email Erika at

Lampin Grant Application


II. BVEF Innovative Academic Grants

The Blackstone Valley Education Foundation awards grant proposals that best articulate a plan that includes ONE or more of the following:

  • Connection between academic preparation and career readiness.
  • Collaboration with schools, businesses, and community.
  • Catalyst for career, employability, or skill development.

Proposals should NOT include purchase of materials, programs, or equipment unless there is a well-articulated connection to student outcomes.

OF PARTICULAR INTEREST to the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation is a request that:

  • Promotes skill development for or knowledge about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • Provides career awareness for grades Pre-k through 12th grade.
  • Sustains or strengthens career readiness initiatives.
  • Connects an academic subject to career opportunity awareness.

Priority will be given to those requests that strive for matching or additional funds from their local or other foundations or from other school initiatives that build capacity.

Award Amounts:  up to $1,000

To apply, please email Erika at

BVEF Grant Application


III. BVCC Community Education/Transportation Grant

The Grants will be awarded to cover transportation costs to destinations that will enhance career awareness for students in grades Pre-k through 12 throughout the region. Funds will be awarded each academic year until resources have been expended. We encourage proposals by the April 23rd deadline, but this is not required.

Award Amounts:  up to $500

To apply, please email Erika at

BVCC Community Education Grant App

IV. UniBank Enrichment Grant

Founded in 1870, UniBank has served the financial needs of the Greater Blackstone Valley and Beyond for nearly 150 years.  UniBank contributes to the overall quality of life and economic health of the communities it serves by providing a high level of financial soundness and integrity.  UniBank employees pride themselves on their strong commitment to the local community and are frequently visible in a wide variety of volunteer services.

The intent of the UniBank Enrichment Grant is to encourage creative learning experiences for students that extend beyond the traditional classroom.  Areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:

•       Field trips to explore careers
•       Field trips to enhance cultural experiences
•       Bringing learning programs and events into the school for the benefit of groups of students.

Award Amounts: up to $2,000

To apply, please email Erika at

UniBank Enrichment Grant Application

Application Process:

Applications for the 2019-2020 School Grants will be available February 25, 2019. 

  • For all grant applications and information, please email Erika at
  • Complete the Grant Application - Administrator's signature is required for submission.
  • Submit ONE copy to your superintendent and principal.
  • Submit 1 hard copy and 1 electronic copy by the April 22, 2019 deadline to:

Blackstone Valley Education Foundation

Attention: Erika Baum

670 Linwood Ave, Suite #5

Whitinsville, MA 01588

Electronic copy can be emailed to:


Helpful Documents:



Past Grant Applicants

In 2018-2019 the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation awarded $25,962 in grants that supported the member school districts and supported the development of 21st century work and learning skills among our students. We recognize and thank the many businesses and individuals who continue to contribute to the foundation and enable these grants.


Blackstone Millville Regional High School

  • $1,500 MakerSpace Library Media Center – Lampin Grant Recipient
  • Makerspaces have been described as community centers with tools.  They combine three main ingredients enabling creativity.  When education, community, and equipment are in one space it produces design thinking, prototyping, and a finished product.  In return, BMR students will learn about the design process.

Douglas Primary School

  • $500 STEAM Day in Kindergarten BVEF Innovative Academic  Grant Recipient
  • Kindergarten students at the Douglas Primary School will become familiar with the Engineering Design Process by being a scientist for a day and learning about careers in engineering and technology.  STEAM professionals from the community will directly assist by visiting classrooms (in person and virtually) as guest speakers, classroom assistants, and general consultants.

Hopedale High School

  • $3,500 BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient
  • Sustaninable Oceans and Corals Program - Students will understand how different variables can impact ocean ecosystems and understand the importance of aquaculture in sustaining populations of fish and invertebrates in the wild.  By examining variables in a coral reef system and growing corals in captivity, the students will learn about the global impact (environmental and economical) of aquaculture.

Milford High School

  • $2390 Dynamics Cart & Track System BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient
  • By utilizing this system students will learn about kinematics, dynamics, momentum, and energy.  Students will collaborate with Waters Corporation and other local businesses.

Millbury- Elmwood Street School

  • $757 Bee a Computer Programmer - BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient
  • Kindergarten students will work in groups with Blue-Bot robots on beginning programming skills.  They will work through the engineering process as they brainstorm, design, implement, test, and redesign their code.  Learning computer programming at this early age will enable students to logically think through problem solving by using a sequence of steps.

Nipmuc Regional High School

  • $1,000 The Nipmuc Robotics Expansion Project: Bringing Robotics to the Classroom - BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient
  • Students will learn both robotics construction and programming skills during the course of creating a personally meaningful robot.  By expanding student exposure to application-based STEM learning, they can determine whether or not this area is a possible career path.

Sutton High School

  • $1,000 Breaking the Bubble: Connecting with the World Outside of Sutton – BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient
  • Students will learn how different groups experience bias and prejudice in the workplace, how to minimize bias on a personal level, and how to combat bias in their environment.


“Here at Hopedale Jr/Sr High School we would like to thank you for helping us throughout the process of the Lampin Grant.  We are excited to get started on creating the sustainable oceans and corals program.”

              ~ Mr. Timothy S. Vaillancourt, 7th Grade Science

    Hopedale Jr/Sr High School

   Lampin Grant Recipient


“We are very excited to begin - thank you so much for your support of education in the valley!”

~Bernadette Bazzett, K-5 Math Coordinator

Uxbridge Public Schools

Lampin Grant Recipient


“Thank you so much!  I'm so looking forward to introducing the makerspace to our students!”

~Rose Flaherty, Librarian

Millbury Schools

BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient