2020-2021 Blackstone Valley Education Foundation Program Listing

Below are a list of our upcoming programs for the 2020-2021 school year.


BVEF full member school districts have an annual opportunity to apply to any of our four grants (BVCC Community Education/Transportation Grant, Lampin Grant, Unibank Enrichment Grant, and BVEF Innovative Academic Grant) to support innovative programming aimed at increasing students’ college and career readiness.

STEM CONFERENCE in Partnership with Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Hosted annually in collaboration with BVEF, one hundred 7th and 8th grade students representing BVEF full member school districts attend workshops conducted by employers representing various STEM industries on Tufts University campus to learn about possible careers in STEM.


A two day show bringing communities together where approximately 400 student artists in grades K-8, representing over 30 schools, display a wide variety of art. Well over 1,000 parents, friends, and community members attend each year. Art in the Valley fosters an appreciation of art and culture by showcasing art curriculum highlighting necessary skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and inventiveness that help to shape future careers.


With a challenging six month curriculum that culminates with the creation and implementation of individual service projects, BVYLA seeks to develop the leadership skills of an annual cohort of freshman and sophomore students representing full member school districts.  By meeting at different locations throughout the  Blackstone Valley, students learn about the both the rich history in each community as well as the skills necessary to become leaders in their schools, communities, and future workforce.


Business Visits
Tours, Q&A panel discussions, team-building exercises, and interactive learning surrounding career options.

College and University Visits
Presentations and hands on learning focused around future career options.

An opportunity for schools, local businesses, community leaders, and legislatures to come together to collaborate on how to prepare students for the workforce.


We create programs that expose teachers to a variety of industries and current career paths, allowing them to extend their knowledge and curriculum beyond the classroom.

Curriculum Networking Series
An opportunity for educators to gather with colleagues who teach the same/similar content area to discuss best practices and share resources.

School Counselor Network
School counselors meet to discuss a specific topic, problem solve, and/or share best practices and resources.

Educator Trips to Businesses, Colleges, and Universities
Career focused trips for educators where information and resources are shared through tours and interactive panel discussions covering the education, technical skills, and soft skills needed for students to succeed in tomorrow’s workforce.


Bringing students and employers together to explore available job opportunities and/or internships and required competencies.

Additional Services

  • Virtual Sessions for both students and educators on a variety of topics (FY2020-2021 a focus on STEM, soft skills, leadership skills, college search and admissions, financial aid)
  • Communications to school districts & businesses- Social media, quarterly newsletters, meetings
  • College and Career Readiness Advisory Committee
  • Collaborative efforts with Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) regarding Career Pathways goals and Connecting Activities
  • Partnership with MassHire Central Region Workforce Board enables schools to benefit from their programs and services www.MassHireCentral.com

“I am amazed by all of the programming being offered. We are really benefiting and I appreciate it!”

Kevin McIntyre, Superintendent, Milford Public School District

“I really enjoyed the company tour and viewing the highest level of leadership in action by listening to the CEO of Omni Control Technology. He gave us encouragement to work hard and with that we can accomplish anything!”

Student, BVEF Youth Leadership Academy

“I am glad I was asked to be a panelist at the BVEF Forum. My wife and I were talking on the way home and commenting that the teachers/students are fortunate to have such an organization. I wish you continued success!”

Steve Todd, Fellow, Dell Technologies

Big thanks to the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, Omni Control Technology Inc., Access TCA, and the National Park Service for hosting the History Professional Development Day for educators.  As a local educator it is empowering to know that the community has taken a vested interest in our local schools. The day provided educators with the ability to view the local landscape via multiple historical perspectives, from the revolutionary farmer to the paternalistic industrialists. The many sites that we toured brought these perspectives to life i.e. the factories, employee housing, outlying farmer’s homesteads and the Whitin’s mansions and many public buildings.”

Mike Molinari, Teacher, Milford High School

“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to network with such fantastic educators and local businesses. We look forward to hosting some of your students on our campus next week.”

Katelynn Havener, Admissions Counselor, Nichols College

For more information please contact Erika Baum, ebaum@BVeducationfoundation.org