How To Apply For One Of Our School Grants

School districts with full membership in the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation are invited to encourage their teachers, counselors, and administration to submit proposals for funding under one of four grant programs provided.

The four current grant programs are made possible by contributions from local businesses that have a strong commitment to local education and to the mission of the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation. Without their support, these grants would not be possible. 

Grant Selection And Process


Applications for the 2020-2021 School Grants will be available February 24, 2020. 

Click here to find Grant Application instructions, helpful tips, examples and more!

I.  Lampin Grants

Lampin Corporation, located in Uxbridge, is a 100% employee owned company that engineers and produces precision-machined components included spur gears and mechanical assemblies.  Lampin employee owners have a strong commitment to the local community. Visit for more information.

Grant Requirements
• Lampin grants will be awarded to substantial and innovative programs which connect schools and communities.
• Proposals with an emphasis on STEM will be given priority.
• Requests that strive for matching or additional funds from their local or other foundations or from other school initiatives that build capacity.

•Award Amounts: up to $2,000

To apply, click here.

For additional questions, please email Joscelyn at

II. BVEF Innovative Academic Grants

The Blackstone Valley Education Foundation awards grant proposals that best articulate a plan that includes ONE or more of the following:

• Connection between academic preparation and career readiness.
• Collaboration with schools, businesses, and community.
• Catalyst for career, employability, or skill development.
• Provide career awareness for grades Pre-K through 12th grade.
• Sustains or strengthens career readiness initiatives.

• Award Amounts:  up to $1,000

To apply, click here.

For additional questions, please email Joscelyn at

III. BVCC Community Education/Transportation Grant

Part of the mission of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, support and resources in connection with issues which impact commerce and the quality of life in the Valley. In partnership with the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation, supporting comprehensive opportunities that allow Blackstone Valley students to learn about future possible future career paths is one way we achieve this goal.  Visit for more information.

•We encourage proposals by the annual application deadline, but they are not required as this grant does have rolling acceptance.
•Award Amounts:  up to $500

To apply, click here.

For additional questions, please email Joscelyn at

IV. UniBank Enrichment Grant

Founded in 1870, UniBank has served the financial needs of the Greater Blackstone Valley and Beyond for nearly 150 years.  UniBank contributes to the overall quality of life and economic health of the communities it serves by providing a high level of financial soundness and integrity.  UniBank employees pride themselves on their strong commitment to the local community and are frequently visible in a wide variety of volunteer services. Visit for more information. 

The intent of the UniBank Enrichment Grant is to encourage creative learning experiences for students that extend beyond the traditional classroom.  Areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:
• Field trips to explore careers
• Field trips to enhance cultural experiences
• Bringing learning programs and events into the school for the benefit of groups of students.

Award Amounts: up to $2,000

To apply, click here.

For additional questions, please email Joscelyn at

Previous Grants Awarded:

In 2019-2020 the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation awarded $22,480 in grants that supported the member school districts and supported the development of 21st century work and learning skills among our students. We recognize and thank the many businesses and individuals who continue to contribute to the foundation and enable these grants.

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Blackstone Millville- Frederick W. Hartnett Middle School
$1,000 Ozobots on the Loose, Sixth Grade Science  – Lampin Grant Recipient

Ozobots are programmable robots that will be used to teach students various levels of coding.  Students will use Ozobots in collaborative teams to help their robot achieve increasingly challenging missions.

Blackstone Millville Regional High School
$1,000 Dark Heat Transfer Printer for Graphic Design Department – BVEF Innovative Academic Grant Recipient

With the purchase of a dark heat transfer printer, students will have opportunities to take part in self-motivated projects that will help them explore their interests in STEM career opportunities.

Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional High School
$500 Hasbro, IncUniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

Students are pursuing a career in art/design will meet the working creative team at Hasbro, Inc. to learn about possible career opportunities.  Students will go on a tour of the facility and have an opportunity to participate in a question/answer session.  There may be potential co-op opportunities or internships for students.

$2,000 High Efficiency Inverted Heat Pump System – Lampin Grant Recipient

Students will learn how to install, service, and troubleshoot a heat pump system that uses emerging technology.  This experiential learning in conjunction with updating curriculum, will prepare them for direct entry into the local and regional workforce.

Douglas High School
$2,000 Implementation of an Introduction to Robotics Course Lampin Grant Recipient

With the purchase of robotics kits, the addition of a robotics course will be offered.  Students will develop coding and engineering skills, strengthen problem-solving capabilities, work collaboratively, and think critically and creatively.

Grafton High School  
$996 VEX Robotics in the Library UniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

Students will participate in either a VEX Robotics club or enroll in an independent study where they will learn how to code, build, and problem solve.

Hopedale Memorial Elementary School
$960 Self is STEAM: Trailblazing Women in STEM History; Book Discussion GroupsUniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

With the purchase of multiple copies of books and STEM journals, a library will be created that spotlights women in past and current history in education, business, health and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.  Female students in 5th and 6th grades will participate in teacher facilitated weekly book discussion groups at school during the school year and at Bancroft Library during the summer months.  Students will keep a weekly written reflection journal and extend their learning by interviewing female practitioners throughout the school year.

Milford High School
$500 Metropolitan Cabinets & CountertopsUniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

Students will visit Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops to learn about a wide range of career opportunities from sales to labor.  They will then produce business proposals.

$1,973 MakerspaceLampin Grant

The printer purchased will be a building block in the development of a makerspace at Milford High School.  Through project based learning, students will use this space and equipment to aid in demonstrating planning and implementation of their ideas.  With a focus on career readiness, students will gain skills necessary for future employment opportunities.

Millbury Jr-Sr High School
$1,500 American Heart Association CPR & AED Certification Program UniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

While last year this program certified 45 seniors, this year all students in grades 9-12, up to 100 students, will have the opportunity to become CPR & AED certified through the school free of charge.  Students who participate will receive a course completion certification card that is valid for two years.

Millbury Jr-Sr High School          
$388 Cycles of Matter: Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District BVCC Community Education/Transportation Grant Recipient

After visiting the wastewater treatment plant, seventh grade students will compare traditional wastewater treatment to the water reuse process used in areas where water is scarce.

Nipmuc High School
$1,500 The School Redesign Thinktank ChallengeLampin Grant

Taking place at Nipmuc High School in March 2020, The School Redesign Thinktank Challenge seeks to connect pockets of innovation such as robotics programming, makerspaces, workplace readiness training, and STEAM initiatives in a full day learning event that gives students the opportunity to lead the effort to reimagine school.  Teams will be comprised of teams of five students and one educator from each of BVEF’s member schools, affiliate schools, and selected schools from across Massachusetts.  Employers, community leaders, professionals, and representatives from higher education will also have direct involvement.

Northbridge Middle School
$1,002 Pocket Labs IntegrationLampin Grant Recipient

Pocket Labs will allow for the development of integrated STEM activities and enrichments for all teachers to use with students. The Pocket Lab devices allow for real time measurements using probes to collect actual data in real time with Chromebooks we already use on a daily basis. Student learning outcomes would be cross curricular, from reading about a plane crash in Hatchet and trying to replicate the impact using the infrared rangefinder for position and velocity to creating ecosystems in a bottle and calculating the changes in humidity, temperature and heat index. With guided instructional projects for each subject area to infuse this technology easily into their respective curriculums, students should be able to develop a greater understanding of how STEM practices are a part of all their learning.

Sutton High School  
$1,500 Connections Conference UniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

Scheduled for March 2020, all high schools across Massachusetts will be invited to year two of the ‘Connections Conference’.  Students will learn about diversity, acceptance, and tolerance.  By attending a variety of workshops presented by college faculty from across the country, local non-profit organizations, and local business and community leaders, students will have knowledge to take with them back to their own communities.  Being culturally competent is a critical employment skill.

Uxbridge High School
$1,500 Wellness Walk– UniBank Enrichment Grant Recipient

Through the development of a sustainable student driven Wellness Walk Committee, students will create, implement, and maintain a walking path from which they will learn about health and wellness.  Information can be changed in and out of kiosks on a regular basis and displays will not only promote health and wellness strategies such as healthy recipes or forms of exercise and mindfulness, but also showcase student work, share community resources, and highlight upcoming events that are focused on wellness.  Students will also gain critical thinking, leadership, communication, and collaboration skills as they develop a yearly plan to rotate relevant wellness information.

W. Edward Balmer Elementary School
$500 A Home for EveryoneBVCC Community Education/Transportation Grant Recipient

Students will visit Southwick’s Zoo to learn about animal enclosures.  Zookeepers will talk with students about what an animal needs in its enclosure and how to care for the animals.  In the classroom, students will work in groups to research an animal’s habitat and design a prototype or model of the enclosure.  A Southwick’s Zoo employee will either visit or Skype to offer students feedback on their design.

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